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What’s so special about our purifier?

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"Our air purifier creates natural negative-ions with water. So, there is NO ozone. Natural negative-ions have many health benefits. They help with allergies, asthma, headaches, insomnia, auto-immune disorders and many more."

What makes our air purifier safer than others on the market?

Most air purifiers on the market created electronically generated negative-ions. The bi-product is ozone. Ozone is toxic to breathe. Breathing ozone can cause nausea and even permanent damage to the lining of the lungs.

How are natural negative-ions created?​

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We listed many of the health benefits of natural negative-ions above, but here are some additional benefits:

Natural negative-ions are like the vitamins of the air; they give our bodies what they need to survive.

How are electronically generated negative-ions created?

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- Ozone is a poisonous gas that causes permanent damage to the lining of the lungs. This damage is irreversible

- Ozone makes it difficult to breathe deeply and vigorously

- Ozone causes the muscles in the airways to contract, trapping air in the alveoli, causing wheezing and shortness of breath

- Ozone makes your nose, throat and eventually… your lungs BURN. At first, it’s an unpleasant smell to some people, then after you’ve been exposed to high-levels of Ozone and the permanent damage has already begun, you feel it on exposed areas as a burning sensation.

“The air inside your home can be up to 10x more toxic than the air outside.” — The ALA, American Lung Association (The ALA also cited that in some cases, it can be as high as 100x)

WARNING: There are no regulations against selling these banned machines online; follow the EPA warnings.

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